At Scale, we mainly design and program websites. It is our duty to be on the lookout for the latest trend in design and the best programming technique. We focus on the creation of simple, complete and functional websites just for you.

Several years ago, we acknowledged that we surf the Internet with many different tools, not only conventional computers. Since then, we are working to adapt our solutions to offer people the best mobile experience possible, regardless of the electronic device used.

  • Wireframe development
  • Web design and programming including mobile adaptation
  • Design and programming of mobile applications
  • Design and programming of online stores
  • Writing and translation
  • Wordpress content management (CMS)
  • Content management training
  • Newsletter
  • Integration with your solutions: CRM, etc.
  • Web optimization
  • Compatibility Tests
  • Web hosting


Motion design uses graphic elements to simplify the presentation of a product, an idea, a process, a service or to clarify your brand message. Within few seconds, we tell a story, expose a problem and provide a solution. This great media is the most efficient of all to draw customers’ attention to your message and keep your audience interested in your next advertising project.


Identity forms the cornerstone of a brand, as it will create visibility and recognition. Through this identity we want the prospect to call, the customer to buy and the team to fully engage into our company’s mission. This is why it must evoke emotions and inspire people.

Once the identity is established, we will determine the colors and fonts to be used as well as any other elements required for the design and development of your brand image. Finally, a graphic standard manual will be produced to ensure that your team has all the necessary tools for your brand image to be easily distributed to your customers.

  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Stationery
  • Signboard
  • Vehicle lettering
  • Promotional accessories
  • Signs


To create great illustrations, the artist must have knowledge, techniques, talent and overflowing creativity. We have always been passionate about art and design. In our younger years, we started to express this passion on sweaters, posters of music shows, etc. Today, we apply our creativity to the web, the video animation and any other situation where an effective illustration is worth a thousand words. Whether it be for an animated video, a book or a poster, an illustration is a great way to communicate and make your brand image memorable.


Although the advent of the web led us away from printed materials, we still believe that there is something unique when we hold a book in our hands or share a business card. This is why making the brand tangible is something we are concerned about and fond of.

  • Stationery
  • Print advertising
  • Annual report
  • Corporate document
  • Editing
  • Posters
  • Promotional accessories


Packaging presents both the product and the company behind it. Through our experiences, we realised that a well-presented product will stand out on the shelves. Ultimately, we often choose a product with a packaging that inspires us and evokes feelings. Our team can help you make your brand strong, so go ahead and differentiate yourself!